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Typographic Logos

I am very excited to announce that I’ll be teaching an ONLINE TYPOGRAPHY, LETTERING & LOGO DESIGN CLASS in September 2014!

Whether you would like to create a more profitable career for yourself as a logo designer… or if you want to be able to make custom lettering for your company, product, or brand… this class is for you!

I want this class to be a big success, so I’m going all out to send some special incentives your way ;)

The benefits to subscribing to my special Early Access List are:

- notification as soon as the class is available.
- a half price EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT when the class is launched.
- a FREE BONUS: Bundle Collection of Vector and Texture Downloads if you choose to enroll in the class!

Signing up for the Early Access email list at the bottom of this page is free and there’s no spam / no obligation, etc.

UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peek image of the demonstration project I will be showing in the class:


To be eligible to receive the benefits mentioned above, you must first subscribe here to my Early Access List!

*This is a separate list from TheVectorLab’s regular newsletter. You will receive no other extra emails… other than just a few to notify you as soon as the class is ready :)


~Ray Dombroski


TheVectorLab’s New Blog

TheVectorLab's New Blog

I will no longer posting new entries at SecretsOfFreelance.com. All new blog posts will be located here: http://thevectorlab.com/blogs/news


~Ray Dombroski


Make a Watercolor Camo Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

A Tutorial Showing How to Make a Watercolor Camouflage Pattern. Links mentioned: AquaColour Textures

Make Hand Drawn Illustrator Brushes and Frames

How to Make Hand-Drawn Borders and Turn them Into Illustrator Brushes and Frames.

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How to Create a Hand-Drawn Logo

Video tutorial showing my method for making a hand-drawn logo.

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Tutorial: Use Displacement Maps and Photoshop Brushes to Weather Your Graphics

Using Concrete Textures in Photoshop. Get the textures free in Graphic Design Launch Kit

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Tutorial: How to Make Seamless Pattern Repeats in Adobe Illustrator

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3 Ways to Add Distress Texture to Your Graphics and Logos


Earlier this week, a customer emailed me with a question about how to use the Jpegs, Bitmap Tiffs, and Photoshop brushes in some of my texture products, such as the Overspray Collection, Bad Photocopy Textures, AquaColour Series, Analog Textures, and Bitmap Textures.

I’ll let my new video do the talking. Hope you enjoy it!

Here are the links mentioned in the video:
Bad Photocopy Series
Overspray Series
AquaColour Series
Vintage Workwear Logo Templates
Design Launch Kit


Tutorial: How to Make a Photoshop Brush

Published on May 6, 2014, by in Tutorials.

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Tutorial: How to Make Vector Halftone Gradients & Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Published on April 30, 2014, by in Tutorials.

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