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Make 3D Lettering with Shadows with Typography Templates in Adobe Illustrator

This is a video I just made showing how to use the Typography Templates: Shadow collection:

This one is a few months older, but a bit more in depth. How to make custom 3D lettering with Typography Templates: Dimension:


[3 Day] Distressed Logo T-Shirt Bundle

Published on April 2, 2014, by in TheVectorLab.

If I were starting a graphic design business from scratch, which 3 collections would I want so that I could get things up and running the quickest?

I’d want T-Shirt Templates 01 so I could make my tee designs look real.

I’d also put Vintage Workwear Logo Templates on the list so I could make logo designs in a flash.

And I’d also want Bitmap Textures so I could have a huge variety of textures that I could use to quickly distress & weather my logos and typography

My Two-Day Bundles have been a hit lately. This one is so good, I’m going to offer it for 3 days. It’s called the [3 Day] Distressed Logo T-Shirt Bundle.

Save huge: more than 40% off. This bundle will be available at this price only until Midnight on Friday, April 4, 2014.

Distressed Logo T-Shirt Template Bundle Collection

Have a great week!

~Ray Dombroski

P.S. I still have a special surprise in the works that I mentioned on Monday… so be on the lookout for that email Thursday or Friday (I’ll send it as soon as I can get it ready).


Costa Rica Textures: Free Download This Week


I just got back from a quick surfing holiday last week in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It’s a warm place with wonderful people, food, waves, and sunsets.

Around town I noticed rustic hand-crafted wood, stone, fabrics, and metal. Perfect for making textures and Photoshop brushes.

Some of these have been included in this week’s free download: Costa Rica Textures Vol. 1

Each texture comes in Color Jpeg, Greyscale Jpeg, Bitmap Tiff, and Photoshop Brush format.

Let me know how these textures work out for you. If you like them, I might put up more later this month.

Pura vida!

Ray Dombroski


How to mock up a t-shirt design in Adobe Photoshop

If you’ve ever wondered how to mock up your t-shirt designs in Photoshop, and make them look real, check out this tutorial:

These templates include Photoshop and Illustrator templates that work essentially the same.

Go here to download the T-Shirt Mockup Templates:

T-Shirt Templates 01

T-Shirt Templates Master Collection


My Top 5 List of Free Fonts

In this post I want to show you five free fonts that are my favorites for making logos, headlines, and titles. These free fonts aren’t typefaces from TheVectorLab, but they do happen to work really well in combination with my Typography Templates Collections.

[If you didn't already know, my Typography Templates work with system fonts, purchased fonts, and free fonts. You can always go back and change the wording, letter spacing, scale, or typeface and all the shading effects will automatically update. The backgrounds are separate from the type, so those are really easy to change to whatever you would like. Or even place your type over a photo.]

What I’ve done below is to show each font using a template from the Dimension Typography Templates Collection. So here they are in no particular order:

Vincent – By Ben Suarez

Prisma – by Dieter Steffmann

Tall Films – by GemFonts

Walkway – by GemFonts

Black Hawk – by John Singer

I hope you find some value in posts like this. Feel free to drop me a line here and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Have an excellent week!

~Ray Dombroski

P.S. If you want to see how quick & easy my Typography Templates are to use, go here or click below to see the [VIDEO] and collections.


How to Make Custom 3D Text and Typography for Logos from TheVectorLab on Vimeo.


Thank You

Hello there! While I was deciding what to write about for this week’s email newsletter, I noticed that my list of email subscribers in the last year has nearly DOUBLED!

Why? 1) I think it’s because people like the unique products TheVectorLab offers. 2) People like to get special deals, free downloads, and discounts every so often.

So here’s my thanks to you: A 20% discount code valid for any new orders between now and Midnight, Saturday Dec 30, 2013 Pacific Standard Time (USA).

Here’s the code to type in during checkout: THANKYOU

Other news: Check out the simplified and re-designed home page by clicking the image below. I cleaned things up and made it easier to browse the most popular categories.

What to use the 20% discount code for?? I recommend the following 3 items that are currently selling like hotcakes:

Vintage Logo Templates for Adobe Illustrator
Vintage Workwear Logo Templates

Typography Templates for Adobe Illustrator
Typography Templates: Dimension

Typography Templates for Adobe Illustrator
Typography Templates: Shadow

Distressed Vector Borders
The Distressed Borders collection is also already 20% off this week… so you can get a real deal if you add the 20% off discount code on top of that!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have an excellent week!

Ray Dombroski


Typography Templates: Shadow

The response to my last two product releases, Typography Templates: Dimension and also Logo Templates: Vintage Workwear has been amazing. Right out of the gate, these have been the most successful product launches to date!

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about my newest item, Typography Templates: Shadow.

Typography Templates for Adobe Illustrator

A collection of 21 lettering templates that have dramatic cast-shadow shading effects. These layers of live type will automatically update when you change the font and wording.

Typography Templates for Adobe Illustrator

You can use these for t-shirt designs, logos, product packaging, book covers, web banners, or anything else you can think of. These can be placed over ANY background, even place your type over a photo.

Typography Templates for Adobe Illustrator

And if you haven’t seen the Typography Templates tutorial video yet, be sure to CLICK HERE to see how these unique templates work!

Have a great day!

Ray Dombroski


New Category: Logo Templates

Hi there!

The response from my last product category introduction, Typography Templates, was such a success that I decided to start another brand new category of templates on TheVectorLab: Logo Templates!

Vintage Logo Templates for Adobe Illustrator

The first collection in this category is called “Vintage Workwear,” reminiscent of old clothing labels, logos, and signage.

A collection of 25 logo templates that include optional layers of texture with your choice of vector or bitmap tiff distress. Each logo has live type so you can easily change the font and wording and still retain effects such as arched type.

You can use these for t-shirt designs, logos, product packaging, book covers, web banners, or anything else you can think of.

These will work with system fonts, purchased fonts, and free fonts. All the elements are layered, not merged so it’s super easy to go in and customize the colors and line weights. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS2 or newer.

Click here to have a closer look!

Have a great week,

Ray Dombroski


Typography Templates

Hi there! One night a few weeks ago, a flash of inspiration went off in my brain: why not make some easy-to-use 3D live type templates for Adobe Illustrator?

Good ones… Type with Lighting Effects. Real Depth. Cast shadows. Patterns. Gradients. Embossed and Engraved looks. Typography that would take most accomplished designers a late night or two in front of the computer to make.

The one requirement is that they must be EASY and FAST to change the wording, and change the font!

It’s been a few weeks since that idea because I’ve been spending late nights designing and figuring out how to make these brand new Custom 3D Typography Templates.

I’m so excited(!) to announce this product launch. Each template has layers of type that will automatically update when you change the wording and font. That’s right… you can use any typeface that you have on your computer and the 3D and shading effects will be applied to the word(s) of your choice. And you can go back to the file at any time and change the wording and typeface again and again.

You can use these for t-shirt designs, logos, product packaging, book covers, web banners, or anything else you can think of. These can be placed over ANY background, even place your type over a photo.

It’s difficult to put into writing how versatile and unique these are.

I haven’t seen ANYONE else offering dimensional live type templates like this for Adobe Illustrator.

To see why I’m so elated (and why these are so unique and useful) check out my short 3-minute video by clicking below:


Engravings… Reorganized!

Just a quick note about my engravings collections. I’ve repackaged them to make product selection easier. And also to offer more bang for the buck! Have a look:

Engravings [S] is a small collection of 25 clean vector line illustrations.

Engravings [M] is a medium-sized collection of 70 clean vector line illustrations.

Engravings [L] is a large collection of 148 engravings.

If you just have to have the best, Engravings [XXL] Master Collection is an absolutely huge collection of engravings that will complete your library of ornamental illustrations. This collection offers the most value. It includes extra bonus collections: Artisan Engravings and Designer’s Toolkit.